CD 1989
Disc 1
01. Streetwise
02. Red Rocks
03. Protocol
04. Slofunk
05. V8
06. Streetwise Alt MIX
07. Protocol Alt MIX
08. Wall Street Part 1
09. Wall Street Part 2
10. Wall Street Part 3
release notes
Wall St. recorded live at The New York Drum Clinic 1988 Original sound recordings made by The Human Touch Release Notes My first solo CD - well not a whole one! Considered in 1988 a "mini-album" - a sort of EP which traditionally had 4 titles on it - Protocol had 5. Originally these tunes were meant for a complete album with a decent budget so I could have my favourite players record with me. However, after chasing a few record companies, no-one was willing to sign me with this kind of instrumental music. So I decided to record these as they were and play everything myself and use the CD as a promotional device to accompany me on clinics. Recorded and mixed in a week with one other person, Steve Parker engineering, at my studio in England. Somehow Music For Nations, a thrash metal company who had signed Metallica and Nuclear Assault, loved it and released it in 1989 with the addition of Wall Street, a drum solo recorded during a clinic in New York in '88. I was on tour with Mick Jagger in Jakarta, Indonesia, waiting at the airport for a flight to New Zealand, whilst on the phone to the mastering engineer, Tim Young, in London at CBS studios, guiding him as to which part of the solo to use. It was a good feeling to have finally released my first solo CD and although not what I had originally planned, it was a start to my solo career. Credits: a record of experimental observations Recorded at The White House by Steve Parker on April 18th through 22nd, 1988 Mixed at The White House by Steve Parker Mastered by Tim young at C.B.S. London Simon Phillips - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards and Sequencing Photography by Colin Turner Special thanks to Hilary, Steve and Ravi, all at Tama, Zildijan, Remo and Pro-Mark, and Suzie for her interminable encouragement
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