CD 2006
Latham Records (5106-2)
Disc 1
01. Spellcast
02. Betwixt
03. Diverging Orbits
04. Behind The Shadows Part 1
05. Behind The Shadows Part 2
06. Iota
07. Cross-Eyed
08. Involution
09. Camouflage
10. Oculus
11. Jingo
12. Tragic Magic
13. Fulcrum
14. Water Prayer
release notes
Brian Groder and the Sam Rivers Trio Brian Groder, trumpet & flugelhorn Sam Rivers, flute & saxophones Doug Mathews, double-bass Anthony Cole, drums "Groder converses very beautifully with the trio. Without exaggeration, this is one of the better recent samples of avant-garde jazz." Radiophone Greece "Brian Groder's Torque is an exemplary representation of festive jazz and jazz that broods." Sari N. Kent, "Venturesome ears may not find this disc easily but it's worth a search a searching young trumpet player playing with the Sam Rivers Trio in a fairly gripping program of neo-expressionist jazz that has no difficulty modulating occasionally into good old-fashioned bebop. That's why a smart young musician might search out Rivers in the first place. He's a grandfather figure outside but he knows what to do in the pocket, too." Jeff Simon, Buffalo News
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