Out Of The Blue
CD 1999
Lipstick Records (LIP 8964-2)
Disc 1
01. Kumi Na Moja
02. Out of the Blue
03. Eyes Blue for You
04. Band Introductions
05. Jungleyes
06. Isis
07. Indian Summer
08. Rhodes Untravelled
09. Another Lifetime
10. Midair Decision
11. Freudian Slip
release notes
This third solo album of legendary drummer Simon Phillips for LIPSTICK is a lcollection of live concert recordings made all over Europe with his steady touring band. It features two new songs (Rhodes Untravelled and Out Of The Blue) as well as the live versions of some of the most popular songs from the studio albums.

In comparison with these studio albums the album is more bluesy and earthy - partially because of guitarist Andy Timmons influence and sound, but also as a result of the live athmosphere.

The musicians on this album are Wendell Brooks (sax), Andy Timmons (guit.) und Jeff Babko (keyboards) and Jerry Watts jr. (bass). The album was mixed by Simon Phillips himself - bringing back some of his experience as a sound engineer.

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