Blink 182
1992 † February 00, 2005
United States
Music group
Blink-182 - The Early Days
The boys of Blink-182 were mainly made up of San Diego natives Tom DeLonge (guitar/vocals), Mark Hoppus (bass/vocals) and Travis Barker (drums.)

Blink-182's original line-up had Scott Raynor on drums. The band started out as a mariachi band playing at weddings and birthdays and called themselves El Cuatro and the Cajones. That was short lived. Blink-182 lost the ponchos, plugged in their amps and have been rockin' ever since.

Blink-182 Grows Up
Originally known as simply Blink, the band debuted in 1993 with a self-released EP, "Fly Swatter". Blink-182 released their first full album, "Cheshire Cat" in 1995 on Grilled Cheese Music. In 1996 MCA Records snagged Blink-182 and they released their second album Dude Ranch in '97.

By the end of 1998 Blink-182 had been tagged as one of the most popular pop-punk bands of the year. Dude Ranch was a big success, which had a lot to do with the popular single Dammit (Growing Up.) Teens caught the Blink bug when Enema Of The State hit record shelves in 1999 and their popularity exploded.

It was a sad day for girls everywhere when, in May 2001, Blink-182 hottie Tom DeLonge got hitched to his long-time sweetheart Jennifer Jenkins. The following month the band released Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. The first single The Rock Show became a big hit and the video.

Blink-182's self-titled album was released in November of 2003.

In February 2005 the band announced to go on undefined hiatus.
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