Hugo den Oudsten
The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Hugo den Oudsten was born in 1976. He showed an interest in music from a young age and after fooling around on drums, keys and guitars he settled for bassguitar around the age of 17.

In 1995 he got admitted at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Conservatory of Amsterdam) where he studied jazz with Charlie Angenois and Theo de Jong.

After obtaining his master’s degree in 2002 Hugo started his professional career playing all kinds of gigs around Holland. By doing so he gained loads of experience playing top 40 songs, jazz standards, TV-commercials, cabaret music, soul classics, originals and all music you can think of.

Since 2006 Hugo has been playing and recording as a steady band member with the following artists:
•2006-2008: Bose demonstration band
•2008-2010: The Wicked Jazz Sounds Band
•2010-2012: Kim Hoorweg
•2006-present: Jelle Amersfoort
•2008-present: Mary Davis Jr.
•2009-present: iET
•2009-present: Shirma Rouse
•2010-present: Ruben Hein
•2011-present: Teus Nobel ( Liquid Music Quintet)

Some notable artists Hugo worked with during the years are: Michiel Borstlap, Sven Hammond Soul, The Ploctones and many others.

Hugo is living in Amsterdam where he teaches bass guitar, jazz history, music theory and ear training.
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