Bonzo Bash
* September 25, 2010
United States
After three tribute shows entitled 'Bonzo: The Groove Remains the Same', and a fourth show called 'Bonzo’s Birthday Bash', and because of the collective passion amongst all of the participating drummers, past and present, for John Bonham, the ultimate rock drummer, Brian Thomas Tichy, Joe Sutton and Noelle Kim Retes decided to go for it again in 2013.

The first Bonzo Bash Namm Jamm 2013 took place in Anaheim, California on Thursday January 24, 2013 at The Observatory.

Bonzo Bash founder, drummer and S.U.N. guitarist Brian Thomas Tichy says,
"Bonzo Bash is a drummer's playground. There's plenty of toys and our parents taught us to play well with others! It is a relatively simple concept. When I first thought of this the idea seemed too cool not to try. You get a John Bonham replica drum kit (courtesy of Natal Drums,) complete with Paiste gong and timpani, and some black dot Remo drum heads, up front, center stage, and have each drummer perform their favorite Led Zeppelin song with a house band (The Moby Dicks.)

It's a unique night, seeing how all of these great drummers approach the same drum set and make it their own! And, The Moby Dicks hold their own as a true force to be reckoned with! There is structure, and within the structure there is freedom: freedom, groove, and volume! This combination makes the pace and vibe of the show like a backyard party right next to an annual wildebeest river crossing!

John Bonham deserves it! His right foot alone deserves it!! Bonzo Bashes are always the ultimate Bonzo tribute show, and that's the fact Jack!"
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