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Who knew what a rock and roll roller coaster Lookout! was getting on when we signed The Donnas? They seemed super cool, with fun, Ramones influenced songs of teen rebellion like "Let's Go Mano" and "Get Rid Of That Girl." We didn't know, and they didn't know that their 1998 record for Lookout!, American Teenage Rock and Roll Machine, would send them into the media mainstream and find them shaking up their movie trailer while Marilyn Manson knocked on the door and Carol Kane complained about the noise! Well, success breeds jealousy, and people were quick to say that The Donnas were a fabrication. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The story of The Donnas starts with four families moving to Palo Alto, a city just south of San Francisco. Donna C. and Donna R. met in fourth grade where they became best friends. In fifth grade, they were introduced to Donna F., and though they weren't a team yet, the performance bug bit them while on a field trip to Hawaii for a hula dancing showcase at the Polynesian Center. In 1993 Donna A. came into the mix in the eighth grade and the rock and roll party began.

On June 8, 1993 they played their first show ever, "Day on the Green" at Jordan Middle School as 8th graders under the band name "Screen" soon to be changed to "Ragady Anne". As Ragady Anne the girls were ripping it up at the school talent show at age 14, covering songs by Shonen Knife, Syndicate of Sound, The Muffs, and L7.

Then they were The Electrocutes, a punk rock riot girl influenced foursome. They would practice in Donna C.'s garage, and boys from their school would come by to watch and openly insult their band. "It sucked," Donna F. remembers. They were always unpopular in school. Finally, they became The Donnas, with the help of Darrin Raffaelli, who had written some songs which they recorded for his label, Super*Teem Records. The Donnas put out a full length and three 7"s on Super*Teem, all of which are now out-of-print, highly collectible items.

By the time 1999 rolled around, The Donnas were recording their third full length studio album, Get Skintight, an album completely written by The Donnas, except for their Mötley Crüe cover, "Too Fast For Love." Their metal influenced arena rock sound has brought them glory, fame, and fortune!

In 2001 the Donnas caught the attention of major label Atlantic, who signed them up. The Donnas' label debut, "Spend the Night", arrived in 2002 and became their first album to break into the Top 100 of the pop charts. In the summer of 2003, the Donnas played the main stage on the revived Lollapalooza tour.

(Main source: Lookout! Records)
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