Slagerij Van Kampen
The Netherlands
Percussion Group
Slagerij van Kampen exists 20 years in 2001

A reason to celebrate?: yes and no.
A celebration because Slagerij van Kampen has in twenty years grown into aphenomena of which the Netherlands can be proud: sold-out concerts everywhere , an Edison Music Award and a golden record are a few highlights of the many achievements of the years gone by.

Still, there is a unfortunate side on this. The past twenty years have been quite hectic for some of the groupmembers, with all negative consequences.

Mies Wilbrink, who, together with Willem van Kruijsdijk, founded the group in 1982, had to stop performing because of neck- and shoulder problems.
Willem van Kruijsdijk then also took the decision to withdraw from the stage.

Both are fully convinced that the concept of Slagerij van Kampen has a right to exist. Replacements were sought after and found: Gijsbert Zwart until recently was the frontmen of the well-known percussiongroup "Circle Percussion" and Bente Olie, fresh from the Amsterdam’s conservatories, amongst other things played in the samba-streetband "AbSurdo".

Another group member, Koen Rijnbeek, was replaced last year by drummer Johan Boere. Gijsbert Zwart will be present from January 2002 until then will he be replaced by Willem van Kruijsdijk.

From January 1st 2002 the line-up is:
Gijsbert Zwart, Bente Olie, Boudine van Slobbe, Johan Boere and Robin van Vliet.

The content will be unchanged: Willem van Kruijsdijk and Mies Wilbrink continue to compose, produce and coach the group.
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