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Chris Beckers was born in Laren, a small village near Hilversum/Netherlands and grew up in Abcoude, at the outskirts of Amsterdam. He attended pimary school until his family moved to Germany in 1964. When he heard and saw English beatbands on radio and tv during the mid-sixtees, Chris got infected by rockmusic. His enthousiasm for this style of music was not necessarily shared by his parents. Chris' elder brother Ralph had just started an education as classical-singer and they did not see very much future in a carreer as rock-musician. Chris did not care too much about their opinion and started learning to play the guitar, formed his first bands with other young volunteers and tried to bring 'progressive music' into schoolhalls, university-clubs and bars around the industrial part of Germany, the 'Ruhrgebiet'.
After he left school Chris decided to live his life in the world of music. In 1975 Chris, (meanwhile married and young father of a little daughter) moved to the north of Germany where he joined a blues band named Backwater Bluesband. The band succesfully played the famous music-clubs in Germany and the Netherlands during the following years but broke up when Beckers' got interested in jazz-rock and fusion.
Chris started writing music and released his first album as a solo-artist in 1980 ('Blue Motions'), due to the very low budged recorded in a German film studio specialized in adult movies. Chris went on the road with a new band including Essiet Essiet (bass), Henk Zomer (drums) and Peter Guidi (alto-sax). This collaboration led to his second album ,'Splash', in 1981. Next, with Gerry Brown on drums and Dick Morrissey on saxophone, Chris produced 'Night Moves'. The album came out in 1983 and was a breakthrough for Beckers and his music in Europe and Japan. His albums where licensed to Polydor KK, (Japan) and Steinar Records (UK). Till the end of the 80's Beckers regularly promoted his music on tours, often accompanied by outstanding guest musicians like saxophonist Ernie Watts, pianist Jasper van't Hof or percussionist Paulinho da Costa. Two albums, 'High Tension' (1986) and 'Chris Beckers' (1988), were realized during this period. Chris had chosen for Californian studios to work on his albums, but a lot of the tracks were recorded in his new 'CrisCrazz'-studio in Germany. A 'Best Of' album titled 'Cruising' was next on the list in 1988.
As he gained a lot of studio experience during his work on former albums, Beckers decided to build an own production place, the 'CrisCrazz Studio', established in Nordhorn, Germany, where he started production work for other artists as well. 'Pyramids', the second solo album of Dutch guitarist Eef Albers was realized here in 1987.
In the early 90's Chris more and more focused on studiowork, producing other artists and bands. 'Private Room' was the name of his next studio where he worked on albums for Dutch groups like 'Jump'n' Jive', 'Free Kick', 'Wolters & Vermuyen', 'Tom Klein' and many more. He also produced two solo-albums 'Late Night Breeze' (1992, published by German label 'Intersound') and 'Wild Kingdom' (1993, for CrisCrazz Records). After the release of 'Wild Kingdom' (with a.o., drummer Billy Cobham, saxophonist Ernie Watts, keyboarder Jasper van't Hof and percussionist Nippy Noya) and touring in Germany and the Netherlands, Chris Beckers decided to take steps to leave his residence in Nordhorn.

His new place for living and working became Amsterdam in the Netherlands where a new studio, 'Beau Garage', was built in the museumquarter of the Dutch capitol in 1996/97. One year later Beckers picked up producing again, working on albums for other artists like Dutch jazz-group Jump'n' Jive and Indonesian soul man Jimi Bellmartin. Chris also started composing own music for his following solo-album. During 1999 and 2000 he recorded with a.o. Peter Erskine (drums), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Ernie Watts (tenor-sax), Michiel Borstlap (piano) and Saskia Laroo (trumpet) to complete the music for 'Messenger Of Truth', the new Chris Beckers album, released in May 2001. The guitarist went on the road with female Indonesian violist Luluk Purwanto to promote the album.

In his studio he worked on 'Nostalgia', an album for Dutch fusion drummer Rene Engel and did the mastering for 'Duo Coversation' a cd by Urugyan guitarist Leonardo Amuedo and Dutch drummer and Marcel Serierse. Chris also got involved in 'world music'-projects, recording, mixing. mastering musicians and groups like Brazilian singer/guitarist Marcelo Godoy, Indian guitarist Dipankar, Bosnian group Mostar Revival or the Iraqi Maqam Ensemble & Farida.
A collection of his own music is featured on the guitarist's cd 'Nightcruising' (The Music Of Chris Beckers / 1981-2003), an authentic review of his musical carrier.
In 2005 produced, engineered and played on the debut album 'Girando' by Brazillian singer/guitarist Rasiko. Followed up by co-producing and recording the cd 'The World' of singer/songwriter Radjinder in 2006.

Chris started writing material for a new cd during the year 2008 and recording sessions took place in Chris' Beau Garage Studio and Phantom Recordings in Los Angeles. The album, titled 'Seven Frames Of Mind', features LA based drummer Simon Phillips and bassist Jimmy Haslip. European top instrumentalists Jasper van't Hof (piano), Eric Vloeimans (trumpet), Tony Lakatos (sax) and Mike del Ferro (piano) joined to complete this new collection of Beckers' music. 'Seven Frames Of Mind' has been released on CrisCrazz Records end of May 2009. In 2010 Chris started playing concerts again and a tour in october/november with Herman Wolters (keyboards), Rene Creemers (drums) and Gregor Sonnenberg (bass) will finish the year.
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