La Rioja Drumming Festival
La Rioja Drumming Festival is a different way of understanding, of feeling and of living through drums and percussion. Beyond being an accompaniment instrument, Drumming Festival puts in the first line of the stage the drums and to the musician and thinks about how to bring all the public over to them, promoting his publication and spectacle.

With this target, the La Rioja Drumming Festival has been structured in two parts: the educational one across the main classes in the morning and other one like spectacle in the night, giving priority to the exhibitions of skill, speed, virtuosity, battery, etc. of the musical protagonists.

This way, in its five editions La Rioja has welcomed nearly 17,000 spectators and is confident of being consolidated in its sixth edition in September, 2010.

Artists who have performed at the festival include - among others - Dom Famularo, Akira Jimbo, Alberto Madrid, Alfred Berengena, Carlos Exposito, Dani Perez, Dave DiCenso, David Barcos, Miguel Morales, Mike Mangini, Mike Terrana, Paul Hose, Pedro Barcelo, Peter Erskine, Ray Luzier, Sergio Ramos, Tom Brechtlein, Txiki Marin, Xavi Reija, Andrea Vadrucci, Billy Cobham, Jojo Mayer, Michel Camilo, Tomatito, Virgil Donati.
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