Satori Society
The Netherlands
Music group
Satori Society is:
Kim Weemhoff - drums & percussion
Wim Bronnenberg - guitar
Tom Beek - tenor/soprano sax
Udo Pannekeet - bass

Satori! is an expression used in Zen Buddhism. It’s the feeling of enlightment that one can experience during or after meditation. I find the name of this band very appropriate because it actually feels like the music – especially the improvisations – are played naturally.

We feel connected to the source, in a way that’s both energetic and calm. For a long time I practice meditation and sometimes it happens: I feel very peaceful and aware that I am part of the whole, the everything. This feeling is not very different from what happens when the Satori Society is improvising. Time dissapears (though thankfully not in the drummer), and the observer and creating musician become one. And then there is four of us!
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