Anni K
The Netherlands
Solo Artist
After experimenting with bands, djs and rappers, for years and years, the time has come for Annika Boxhoorn (Anni K) to take on new challenges. She booked major success with her former band, La Grâce, in the past. Getting good reviews for their first record and also by playing fantastic gigs in venues like P60, Melkweg and 013.

After some very close considerations about her career during the summer of ‘08, she realized that she wanted to produce her own music, by the name of Anni K.

Currently she is writing non-stop to prepare herself for the recordings of a full length album. She is also the proud owner of a new band with musical friends from the past.

In July 2009 her first single "Fall by the Wayside" was aired on 3FM Radio. Also she was chosen as a finalist in the Netherlands' biggest band competiton; Grote Prijs van Nederland.

According to Anni K her music is now more honest than ever before and she is really looking forward to be singing her newborn songs for a real, real long time! Naturally by rocking out on stage just like she always did.
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