Drum de Dames
Percussion Group
Sandy Lhaïk: Percussionniste
Rejane Turrel: Batteuse
Emmanuelle Lavau: Batteuse
Louledjian Charlotte: Percussionniste
Anne Paceo: Batteuse
Clara Noll: Percussionniste
Muriel Gastebois: Percussionniste

French percussion extravaganza “Drum de Dames” is an ensemble of female drummers combining rhythm, drive and enchanting moves in a striking visual and musical spectacle. “Drum de Dames” invites the audience to a thrilling performance where charming showmanship, powerful drumming and original mobile instruments merge to create a show that is both enchanting and entertaining.

The concept behind Drum de Dames was created by Pascal Mathelon, a French musician and composer who has worked on a number of percussion shows for Disney including the acclaimed “Les Percussion Galactiques” which incorporates the sounds of drums and percussion with the liberty of movement creating an entertaining show with brilliant showmanship and elaborate musical composition.

Pascal began his career after studying classical percussion at the French Conservatory of Music before moving to Paris to study Jazz during the 1980’s. Pascal also went on to study at the Musicians Institute, Los Angeles before returning to France in 1992 where he began his work with Disney.

In 2002 Pascal was asked by female percussionist Sandy Lhaik to create a similar production to Les Percussion Galactique but with an all female line up. Pascal took the idea on board and began working on creating an image for the band and composing appropriate music.

The band’s image was inspired by television programs from the 60’s and 70’s incorporating fashions from that era with a modern twist. Each musician wears a black and white PVC dress to create the retro feminine look but they also wear large ‘commando’ style boots to signify that although they are female, they can still hit hard!

Musically, Drum de Dames features a blend of world music beats, funky rhythms, marching ensembles and electronic sounds. Every piece of music performed is elaborate and intricate whilst still being accessible to a wide audience.

Premier is sponsor of Drum de Dames and has provided a full range of percussion instruments including Marching Bass Drums, Snare Drums, Multi-toms and accessories.

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