Tollak Ollestad
United States, The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Tollak Ollestad, singer / songwriter / instrumentalist, a uniquely gifted musical artist whose interesting blend of influences, Pop / Soul / Ambient / Jazz, captivates, and whose impressive talents are hard to deny. A composer of hypnotically compelling music with a phenomenal singing voice, an accomplished keyboardist, adept guitarist, and as if that weren't enough, he's one of the greatest harmonica players who ever walked the planet. And if you think that's hype, look at the list of artists he's played live or recorded with- Don Henley, Earth, Wind and Fire, Al Jarreau, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Natalie Cole, Dave Stewart, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Dave Grusin, Chet Atkins, Brian McKnight and the list goes on and on. He also played the harmonica in the theme for the classic 90s TV series "Northern exposure".

Born in Seward, Alaska and of Norwegian and Native American ancestry Tollak was raised in Seattle, Washington, but left early on to pursue his dreams in Los angeles where he went on to meet and work with many of his childhood idols.

Flash forward to the present where Tollak has been living in Europe since the spring of 2004, mainly in Holland but also spending regular time in Italy. He's expanded his musical activities there lending his experiences to musical education programs both in Holland and Italy, as well as continuing to compose, perform and record all over Europe and America.

He's currently working on his newest CD scheduled for release late in 2007.
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