* March 01, 2007
The Netherlands
Music group
Bio before 2011
Two Bulgarian lumberjacks, who met at a Polish fashion awardshow (while actually one of them was Danish), joined forces in Utrecht, NL, the beginning of 2007. The music they make can be described as drum 'n dance, totally unexpected for this unique collaboration. How the story continues, will be a surprise to all.

A preview:

Bio 2011>
Two ex-lumberjacks. On drums and synthesizers. Making music for the discotheque.

Released their well-received debut album ‘Forest Fruit’ in 2009 on Dox Records. Played several clubs and festivals in Holland with the successful ‘Forest Fruit Tour’ in 2010. Joined on stage by friends like Steye and Master Surreal, they had great fun and so did their audience.

But now they’re kicking it up a notch. Teamed up again as a duo, they’ve decided to set the forest on fire and let the resulting smoke take over the dancefloors.
Funky synchronized lights will shine on those who dare to dance to the sounds of ‘Music For The Discotheque’; to the much-awaited series of EP’s that will soon be released. Fresh disco music once again brought to you on live drums, synths and vocoders; genuine material to make your buttocks wave. And wave proudly.

The first EP ‘Music For The Discotheque – Vol. 1’ will be presented on October 20th 2011 at the Amsterdam Dance Event. From October 21st a vinyl version as well as a digital download will be available through the Dox Webshop, iTunes, Beatport etc. Pre-ordering has already begun at the Dox Webshop. Get your copy now and drop by at a live show soon, for tour dates see below.
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