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In a little over a year after their solidified line-up, two years after their conception, Job For A Cowboy has made their debut EP, "Doom", released in December 2005 on King of the Monsters (The Locust, Breather Resist, Creation Is Crucifixion).

The band spent months in preperation in order to record the most powerful album they could. In songwriting, they consistently seek out opportunities to challenge themselves in mastering levels of technical achievments found in their wide range of influences.

Job For A Cowboy's versatile fan base has allowed them to share the stage with everyone from As I lay dying and Dillinger Escape Plan to Origin and The Acacia Strain to Haste the Day and The Red Chord.

With the oldest member still in high school, Job for a Cowboy is striving to remaining loyal to their D.I.Y. roots, the band has decided to spend the next year touring in promotion of their EP on their own.

To add to there progressive accomplishments they have now signed a deal with the well known and well respected label, Metal Blade Records, known for signing artists such as Gwar, As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, The Red Chord, Black Dahlia Murder and Bolthrower.
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