Tony MacAlpine
United States
Solo Artist
Progressive guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine began his musical education as a classically-trained pianist and violinist. His subsequent rock recordings retained a pronounced classical influence, incorporating elements of jazz and fusion as well. He debuted in 1986 with the instrumental album Edge of Insanity, recorded with an all-star line-up including bassist Billy Sheehan and ex-Journey drummer Steve Smith.

For the follow-up, Project: Driver, MacAlpine formed the band M.A.R.S. with drummer Tommy Aldridge, vocalist Bob Rock and bassist Rudy Sarzo. MacAlpine soon returned to his solo career, additionally forming his own label, Squawk.

After 1987’s Maximum Security, he founded another group, dubbed simply MacAlpine, with singer Alan Schorn, keyboardist Mark Robertson, bassist Mike Jacques and drummer Billy Carmassi. The band's lone record, Eyes of the World, appeared in 1990, and MacAlpine returned to instrumental projects for the remainder of the decade, issuing a series of albums including 1992’s Freedom to Fly, 1995’s Evolution, 1997’s Live Insanity and 2000’s CAB. The GRAMMY-nominated CAB2 followed in 2001. CAB4 was released in 2003 on Favored Nations Records.

Tony's latest release "Collection - The Shrapnel Years" is out now through Shrapnel Records.
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