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Dann Huff (born 1960) is a well-known singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. His brother, David Huff, is also a musician and accomplished drummer, and together they made up the core of the 80's rock band Giant. While not a household name to many, he is one of the most in-demand session players in the music industry, performing on litereally 100's of albums for the past 2+ decades.

Born and raised in a musically gifted Christian family. His father, Ronn Huff, was a conductor and arranger. From an early age, Dann accompanied his father to sessions. It was at the age of 9 that he started playing what would become his primary instrument -- the guitar. He took a few lessons, even classical, but played mostly by ear. When he was 13, a session guitarist by the name of John Darnall taught him his first scale, and that set him on a course for the rest of his life.

In high school, Dann met fellow guitarist Gordon Kennedy and started playing together. They were part of a little band that played at school assemblies and such. When he was 16, he started playing in artist's demos in Nashville. He then moved to Los Angeles where he played and recorded for an impressive list of artists. When he was 20, he formed the Christian band White Heart together with his brother David, Kennedy, and Tommy Sims. Like their counterpart Stryper, they were truly one of the pioneer bands when Christian rock took off in the 80's.

After two albums, Dann left White Heart to pursue session work. David lasted an additional album. Both would collaborate again to form the hard rock band Giant. Despite scoring a massive hit with the single "I'll See You In My Dreams", the band was never a commercial success. When Time to Burn (their 2nd and last album) released in 1991, their 80's style was quickly swallowed up by the arrival of grunge music scene. In the early 90's, Dann went back to his session work recording with several artists over a vast spectrum of genres.

Dann has also produced albums for successful artists like Faith Hill, Megadeth, Rebecca St. James, Carrie Underwood and others.

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