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Vornagar was originally started in late 2002 under the name Arcanum. The original three members were Bassist Eric Durante, guitarist Greg Larrenaga and Drummer Geoff Frey. As the band practiced and got better lead guitarist Jay Rodriguez was enlisted, adding melodic solo’s and an overall bad-assness to the band. Soon afterward we played our first show with Greg larrenaga and Eric Durante on vocals. We played three or four shows with that line-up.

Then the drummer Geoff Frey left the band to pursue a career in auto mechanics. His spot was filled with high school friend Carl Pitlick. Carl Pitlick enhanced the speed and aggression of the band and pretty soon we were getting more brutal.

Very soon afterwards in the early summer of 2004 Arcanum recorded their first demo. With Greg on vocals, Carl on drums, Jay on guitar, and Eric on bass. Very shortly afterwards Vito Viarello joined the band on vocals. We then changed our name to Vornagar which means dark blood in Old Norse. We added some new songs and started playing shows again. After a while Vito left. We were without a singer again.

My friend Marco Pitruzzella offered to play for us and Carl Pitlick switched over to vocals. Within a week of this decision we played a show in Burlingame. Both Carl and Marco performed excellently with only a practice or two to show for it.

Now with a triple vocal onslaught and drums to tear your ass hole, Vornagar will be writing new material to highlight our new drummer and singer

In 2005 Vornagar recorded their first full-length album entitled "The Bleeding Holocaust".
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