Ryan Adams
* November 05, 1974
United States
Solo Artist
The story of Ryan Adams has humble beginnings, the small North Carolina town of Jacksonville, with a population of 30,000. On November 5, 1974 David Ryan Adams saw the world for the first time, coincidentally one year to the day that musical hero and influence Gram Parsons closed his eyes for the very last time. These bleak and remote surroundings seem hardly the kind where a future Rock n roller would grow up however from the day he discovered a copy of the Smiths "Hatful of hollow" that is exactly what he was destined to be.

Ryan’s first instrument was the drums and this was his first step on the path as he joined his first band, Blank Label. After obtaining his first guitar, a Les Paul look-alike by all accounts, Ryan was already writing his own songs. His own reasoning behind his hobby was that "if you cant get hold of drugs or sex you had to do something!"

Besides The Smiths the musical influences on the young Ryan were incredibly varied taking in everything from punk rock and grunge to the Rolling Stones and, possibly most notably, his grandmothers country collection.

After a two year stint in "The Patty Duke Syndrome" (which yielded a 7 inch single Texas/History split with the band Glamourpuss) Ryan Adams began the band Whiskeytown with drummer Skillet Gilmore, fiddle player Caitlin Cary, guitarist Phil Wandscher and bassist Steve Grothman. The band soon found both cult fame and a record deal with Mood Food records. Throughout their career Whiskeytown would prove to be a troublesome venture for all involved, when things were good they were very good, with the eventual release of three stunning, critically acclaimed, albums and a move to outpost records. However there were also a lot of bad times with the band going through countless lineup changes (Whiskeytown’s final offering, Pneumonia featured only Caitlin Carey and Ryan Adams from the original lineup.) When outpost were bought out Whiskeytown were one of countless acts who found themselves without a label and the band finally disbanded with the album Pneumonia left unreleased until after Adams first solo release.

Though the break up of Whiskeytown was disappointing for their fans it came as a great relief for Ryan who is said to have found the band “a creative prison.” Once Ryan was free from Whiskeytown he found a new lease of life in a new city, New York. Many people have called Heartbreaker Ryan’s New York record, and it was just that, he was inspired by his new home and soon found himself writing again. What really made Heartbreaker however was the breakup from his long-term girlfriend Amy Lombardi this breakup fuelled the affecting, emotional masterpieces that we now know as Heartbreaker. Recorded with Ethan Johns this album was received to critical acclaim and won Ryan such high profile fans as Elton John and Noel Gallagher.

After many a record company dispute the unreleased, and final, Whiskeytown album would be released during May 2001 on Lost Highway records, the same label that would later release Ryan’s second solo offering, Gold.

Ryan would next relocate to Los Angeles, which would be half of the inspiration for his new album. The other half undoubtedly came from his new girlfriend, the actress Winona Ryder. There was an obvious change of mood on his second album, Gold. There was a lot more energy in the songs, and a lot less country influence. The album, again recorded with Ethan Johns, was criticized by some purists for being a sell out, commercialized offering, however Gold was again acclaimed by the majority and became Ryan’s breakthrough album, gaining him top 40 singles both sides of the Atlantic.

After releasing Gold Ryan famously recorded a number of unreleased albums with a number of different people (including the Pinkhearts, his live band). After originally planning to release all of these albums Ryan later relented and chose the best offerings from each to be put together in the Demolition project. This album of his demos and unreleased songs was released during September of 2002 and did not disappoint his growing fan base.

So; that in a nutshell is the story so far, we hope that there will be a lot to add to it in the future.

(source: www.ryanadamsonline.com)
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