Brian Setzer
* October 04, 1959
United States
Solo Artist
Brian Setzer was born in Massapequa Long Island, New York, in 1959. At sixteen, after years of jazz guitar lessons, Brian Setzer was doing a solo gig as the Rockabilly Rebel, which eventually expanded to incorporate other musicians.

In 1979 the Stray Cats line-up solidified: Setzer, by now a bonafide guitar virtuoso with a blond coiffure, was joined by drummer Slim Jim Phantom and bass fiddle player Lee Rocker, a classically trained cellist. For a brief period Setzer played concurrently to the Stray Cats in a new wave band called the Bloodless Pharaoahs.

1988 was the release of Brian Setzer's solo album "Live Nude Guitars". Some tracks of this album were produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).

The Brian Setzer Orchestra, a rocking seventeen-piece big band, was formed in 1992. Setzer prances the stage wearing skintight leather pants, an open-at-the-neck tuxedo shirt with ruffles edged in black and a metallic blue jacket. He croons and growls, plays boogie lines, comps in a jazz style and lets loose virtuosic solos in front of a rhythm section and thirteen horn players in Hawaiian shirts.

In 2001 Setzer went back to the rockabilly routes and started a big European Tour, with Bernie Dresel on drums, followed by the formation of Brian Setzer Trio in October 2003.

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