Francien van Tuinen
The Netherlands
Solo Artist
Francien van Tuinen has been into jazz from the early age of sixteen, singing the songs of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. She graduated summa cum laude from the Conservatory in Groningen in 1998.

“A natural talent, a born jazz-singer”, the jury concluded when Francien van Tuinen won the Dutch Jazz Vocal Concours in 1997. “Her voice has exceptional rhythmical flexibility, she has guts, outstanding diction and perfect timing”. As a result of winning the concours, Francien performed with her quintet all over the country of the Netherlands.

Michiel Borstlap, winner of the prestigious “Thelonious Monk Jazz Composers Award”, produced Francien´s debut-CD “Tuindance”(’98). The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant wrote: “Tuindance is the showpiece of a real jazz-singer; she knows all about intonation and swing. Her smooth voice sounds pleasantly strong in every register.”

After the success of her first CD, Francien recorded her second CD, entitled “Despina’s Eye” (’00), together with a new band and special guest Benjamin Herman. Francien wrote most of the songs on the CD herself, which resulted in a new and particularly fresh sound. Both CD’s are distributed world-wide by Culture Records Belgium.

In 2001 Francien started on a new project, called “Gershwin On My Mind”, together with Henk Meutgeert, conductor of “The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw”. From this moment on Francien has been a frequently asked guest-musician, playing with numerous orchestras and instrumentalists, including Michiel Borstlap, Mike del Ferro, Tom Beek, Eric Vloeimans, Peter Beets, John Engels and many others.

2003 is the year in which Francien recorded “A Perfect Blue Day”. A CD- project featuring an entirely new line-up, consisting of Jesse van Ruller (Guitar), Joost Swart (Fender Rhodes), Jeroen Vierdag (Bass) and Sebastiaan Kaptein (Drums/Percussion). The CD contains original compositions; loungy and catchy tunes, floating somewhere in the middle between jazz and pop. Next to that Francien started a duo-concept with guitarist Jesse van Ruller.
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