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Melodic black/death metal act SuidAkrA was formed in 1994, originally named Gloryfication.

After releasing their acclaimed latest album “Emprise To Avalon” in Summer of 2002 and following it up with triumphant shows at prestigious German Summer festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, etc., this creative quartet directly attacked the songwriting for their next release in 2003.

Focusing on their strengths, the band looked more into riff-based catchiness and straight forward melodic brutality. The result sometimes reminds you of young prime-time Gothenburg-Style Death Metal with a very original taste to things, and as a result SuidAkrA recorded “Signs For The Fallen”. Without wanting to completely lose the atmospheric, almost folk-rooted base of the band’s earlier days, these Metal youngsters strive to expose listeners to a more balanced, groove-oriented but suitably bombastic melodic Death Metal pattern within the 10 new songs on the record. Once again, long-term producer Andy Classen (Krisiun, Rotting Christ, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Holy Moses, etc.) worked with the band at Stage One Studios and managed to capture a “live feeling” in aggression for the band’s material and cooperated to create SuidAkrA’s release, which comes in beautiful, very elaborated artwork courtesy of Mike Bohatch (The Forsaken, Rotting Christ, etc.). Followers of the band have noted their quick and highly efficient musical evolution since their foundation in 1994 over the course of five studio albums.

Witness the raw, untamed Death/Black Metal compositions of their earliest efforts, to the more melodic Heavy Metal-inspired aggression and their current, quite original sound, and it’s obvious that the time has come for SuidAkrA to reach and impress a new international audience.

Having just successfully debuted some of their new songs during support shows for Children Of Bodom and Soilwork on their May 2003 tour, SuidAkrA continued with Summer festival appearances and a comprehensive tour later that year.

In April 2005 the band released their most pounding and exercised album to date: "Command To Charge".
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