The Pitch Pine Project
The Netherlands
Music group
Rob van Bavel piano
Chris Strik drums
Tom Beek sax
Martin Verdonk percussion
Martijn van Iterson guitar

The Pitch Pine Project is unique in many ways. In 2002 Udo Pannekeet decided to start his own group. His goal was to get together a set of the very best musicians and to try and create an exclusive sound. With some finished pieces of music and a clear idea of how things should more or less sound, he approached various musicians. Players with opposite characters, but with a mutual tie. It was a musical hit right at the very first session. The music is a mixed bag of styles, strongly melodic with a warm acoustic character. With its many references to Wayne Shorter and Weather Report, the music is heavily influenced by the seventies. The sound of the quintet/sextet is not in the least determined by the original compositions of Udo Pannekeet. The first album was recorded for Munich Records at the Wisseloord studios in December 2003. It was a very special recording. The chemistry between the musicians in combination with the extraordinary music resulted in a very tight sound full of complementing colours. Tom Beek’s lyric sax, the precision guitar playing by Martijn van Iterson (winner of the Bird-award at North Sea Jazz Festival 2004). The virtuoso performance of Rob van Bavel. The deep groove of Chris Strik. Complemeted by Martin Verdonk’s tasteful percussion. And Udo Pannekeet’s remarkable bas-guitar sound. The first CD Quarantine was recently released by Munich Records and presented at the Haarlem Jazz Festival, to much critical acclaim. Despite playing electrically, the band manages to maintain a warm and mellow sound. For the Pitch Pine Project, creating atmospheric imagery is what it’s all about.
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