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1995, some friends who played in different kind of bands, gathered forces, formed a kind of metalband and named it Oceans of Sadness.

The band initially consisted of the following members: Guy (Drums), Hans (Keys), Tijs (Vocals), Tor (Guitar) & Jan (Guitar). Attempts to record a first demo-tape pleasantly succeeded and "Forgotten Symphony part I" was released in march 1996. In those days the music could be described as some sort of doommetal. The most famous Metalzine in Holland, Aardschok magazine, elected this tape as "Demo of the Month"… so the first steps in the underground were taken.

Just in 1996, Bert joined the ranks to play the Bass. The music never stopped evolving since then, with various recordings and successes. In 1999 Oceans of Sadness was chosen to enter the Benelux Metal Competition, called 'The Metal Bash'. By winning this competition, Oceans of Sadness was given the chance to play at the Dynamo Open Air Fest, 1999.

The studio-time they won by The Metal Bash, was used at the Harrow Studio (NL), where the band recorded "For We Are". This CD was the first to be released by The LSP Company, a brand new Belgian label.

This album at the same time was the last one with Tor on the Guitar. Because of studies & work-related issues he left the band as a friend. Wim (former Light Crew) filled up the empty spot with his guitarwork.

The band did lots of gigs in almost every part of Belgium & the Netherlands. An opening spot on the giant Graspop Metal Meeting, 2000, meant a dream coming true. Oceans of Sadness shared stage with bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride & Tristania. Everywhere the band travelled & played, they are well-known by the audience for their explosive & intense live reputation.

The band soon began to write new material, which was far more technical & heavier as the previous work. February 2002, they recorded the latest album "Laughing Tears * Crying Smile", which ment a fresh start for the band, as they now enter a new & bigger chapter in their history. The album was released the 25th of May, again on the Belgian label LSP.

Oceans of Sadness has found it's own unique style & this again results in many shows (inclduing support for Dimmu Borgir).

In the early months of 2002 Oceans of Sadness recorded a video-clip for 'So Close', which also includes parts of their live show at the Hof ter Lo, Antwerp, where the band played together with Within Temptation, Finntroll & Tanzwut. The video will be shown on TV-channels such as MTV & TMF over entire Europe.

By the second half of 2002 the band started an intensive tour in the U.K.

November 2004 saw the release of "Send In The Clowns", the band's thrid studio album.
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