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Originally called Oberon and Guillotine, Venom started after drummer Abaddon (real name: Tony Bray) and guitarost Mantas (real name: Jeff Dunn) met at a Judas Priest concert in 1979.

The obnoxious trio of bassist Cronos (real name: Conrad Lant), Mantas, and Abaddon burst onto the scene in 1981 with "Welcome To Hell". According to BNR Metal Pages, "a poorly recorded, sloppily played, openly satanic, yet ultimately cool album that paved the way for the wave of black metal that wouldn't take hold for many years later."

After their fourth album "Possessed", Venom's novelty and intensity began to fade. Personality conflicts arose, with guitarist Mantas leaving, prior to the release of "Calm Before The Storm". Cronos then departed himself, taking Mantas' replacements with him, and Mantas then returned, and along with new bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan (ex-Atomkraft), a new Venom was born.

Much of the releases by Venom during the 90's seemed to be endless compilations or re-recordings of past glories, and Venom's popularity slowly but surely slipped further away.

Eventually, in 1997, Cronos and Mantas put their differences aside, and reunited, first releasing the mediocre "Cast In Stone" but later (after another breakup) producing the much-improved "Resurrection". This latter release is the first and thus far only album not to feature drummer Abaddon.

After yet another period of inactivity Cronos was back in action in February 2004, now working with new guitarist Mykus on the next Venom album. Former guitarist Mantas is involved in a new project called Mantas 666.
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