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Into Eternity started in 1997 with the idea of combining two genres of music on the threshold of creation. The five individual musicians, who shared the same musical goal, set forth to merge the aggressive, hostile, rhythm attack of "Death Metal" with the clean melodic color of progressive passages. All which is accented by atmospheric keyboards, slippery dynamic bass, and powerful drumming.

In September of 1997, Into Eternity recorded a two song demo. One of the songs, "The Modern Day", appeared on a compilation CD, released by "Meathead Records". The compilation disc "An Anthology Of Underground Music in Canada Vol.2" was released in every major city in Canada.

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, a very reputable metal magazine, releases monthly compilation CD's and reviews of the bands featured in the CD. In February 2000, the track, "Speak of the Dead", from the bands self-titled CD, was featured in the compilation disc, to also be released across Canada and the United States. The track "sorrow" will also be released on a compilation CD to be released by

In 1999, their debut, self-titled album was released. Recorded at Touchwood Studios, with the help of Grant Hall, Into Eternity compiled and produced their 9-song, full length CD. The anticipation of the album by the general local scene exceeded the expectations of the band.

The CD was the foundation to take the band to a new level of opportunity. In February '99, Into Eternity entered the "Kickstart Your Career" contest. The Wolf 104.9, of Regina, Sk. hand-picked 16 of Regina's best bands and C-95 of Saskatoon, Sk hand-picked 16 of Saskatoon's best bands. The band ended up a co-winner of the whole competition. In June 1999 the band entered the "Minedosa Classic Rock Weekend" competition and ended up as finalists (which was not a small feat for a metal band). In October '99, Into Eternity also took first place out of 16 bands in the "Upstage 1999 Battle of the Bands" competition.

Into Eternity's music is now being played on some college and commercial radio stations in Canada. The band has also appeared on two local television shows, "Generation Us" and "E-Clips". The band has also independantly distributed about 1500 copies of their debut self-titled album just in Canada.

Scott Krall: Bass, Vocals
Tim Roth: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jim Austin: Drum's, Death Vocals
Chris McDougell: Keyboards
Chris Eisler: Guitar
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