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The trio of Vogg (guitar), Vitek (drums), and Sauron (vocals) formed Decapitated in 1996. Early 1997 Martin (bass guitar) completed the line-up and it has remained steady since. The beginnings would not have been any different from those of hundreds of other bands if it hadn't been for the members' age. When Decapitated started, Vogg, Vitek, Sauron, and Martin were respectively 15, 12, 15, and 13 years old.

June 1997 marked the recording of their debut demo titled "Cemeteral Gardens" which comprised of an intro and 4 tracks. Even though the tape received a handful of positive reviews, nobody really took the band seriously - they were simply too young.

Their early recordings were heavily inspired and influenced by Vader, a debt the Decapitated members readily acknowledge. On the other hand, all four musicians attend music schools - a rarity in the metal scene which gives them solid musical background and virtuoso musicianship.

The natural talent and constant progression inform the band's second demo titled "The Eye of Horus", which was recorded in October 1998 in the Manek Studio. The tape featured 4 new tracks and Slayer's cover. Eventually, it secured the foursome a contract with Massive Management, whose artist roster consists of such bands as Vader, The Moon, Tower, Yattering and many others.

On 15 April 1999 Decapitated entered the Selani Studio to record their debut album. Titled "Winds of Creation", it was produced by Peter (Vader), who also debuted as a sound engineer, and graphically designed by Jacek Wisniewski, who had been previously responsible for several Vader's cover artwork ("Kingdom," "Black to the Blind," " Live In Japan").

All along, the band had been active in the live circuit, mainly in small clubs, but in August 1999 they appeared in front of 2,000 fans during the Thrash'em All Festival 99, where they were received very enthusiastically.

The band has also supported Vader on numerous occasions. In mid 1999 Relapse Records expressed their interest in "The Eye of Horus" material, which in December 1999 will appear on the label's "Polish Assault" compilation. Beside Decapitated the compilation will feature three other Polish bands, including Yattering.

Following the promotional mailing of "Winds of Creation" the band received a number of contract offers from such labels as Century Media, Season of Mist, Osmose, and Listenable. It was, however, Wicked World/Earache Records (the label that launched Vader's career) that won the race for the band.

Issued in April 2000, the record immediately struck a chord with Death Metal fans everywhere, and the band began to be hailed as potential big league players. The technical tightness on display and the simple honest conviction that that band displayed were enough to convince many, and the albums standout tracks such as 'Blessed' and 'Way to Salvation' proved that despite their young age, Decapitated were ready to challenge Death Metal's big guns.

Decapitated toured the UK with grind all-stars Lock Up upon the release of 'Winds of Creation' to a phonemenal response, which eventually led to the band being voted 'Best Newcomer' in Terrorizer Magazine's 2000 Reader's Poll, and a further European tour in 2001 with Immolation continued to spread the word. Anticipation was high for a new recording...

And so at the ripe old average age of 20, Decapitated have finally delivered what they have been promising all along - a geuninely creative Death Metal album. 'Nihility' is a record that twists and turns, each track crafted and skilled into what is fast becoming a trademark Decapitated sound.
Like most great albums, there is no one element that defines the whole, instead each component, from the complexity and inventiveness of the drum work to the colossal progessiveness displayed by the guitar playing contributes to the overwhelming aura around the record, the knowledge that this is something very special indeed.

And so Decapitated are silencing the doubters and quietly staking their claim for prominence in what is rapidly becoming a New Wave of Death Metal. Special bands like Decapitated don't come along very often, and when they do, they tend to let the music do the talking - which is something Decapitated do in the most vicious, precise and innovative way possible.

Early 2004 gave birth to "The Negation" a release that launched the band into the major league of death metal.

By August Decapitated was on the road in North America with tour partners Incantation, Vehemence and Dead To Fall. The band, shooting a promotional video for the track Spheres of Madness to further promote the album, would form up part of a strong package bill topped by Vader for a run of dates across mainland Europe from late August alongside Krisiun snd Prejudice.

Vitek took time out to lay down drums on Vader frontman Piotr Wiwczarek's Panzer X project EP 'Steel Fist'. The February 2004 Decapitated album 'The Negation' would see a bonus track offering of a take on Deicide 's Lunatic Of God's Creation. A short spurt of UK dates saw the band ranked alongside Rotting Christ, Anata and Thus Defiled. The band then united with Norwegian Black Metal elite outfit Mayhem and Japanese act Defiled for a European tour commencing early April.

US dates scheduled for July and August had Decapitated opening for Cannibal Corpse. However, all North American touring plans were cancelled due to the sensitivity in regard to the band's name and the executions of hostage victims in Iraq. Decapitated parted ways with guitarist Jacek Hiro in October, opting to remain a quartet for February 2005 European gigs allied with Hate, Crionics and Dies Irae. The band re-shaped in June when frontman Sauron closed a nine year tenure by announcing his withdrawal.

Decapitated quickly drew in their friend Covan formerly of Atrophia Red Sun, Neurotoxic among other, as replacement. The band entered Hertz Studios in Bialystok in August to record a new album entitled 'Organic Hallucinosis'. September European dates had Decapitated partnered with British act Gorerotted and Dutch Detonation. Following US gigs in December, Decapitated parted ways with bassist Martin, the four-stringer having to deal with military conscription issues, pulling in Richard Gulczynski as replacement.

Live work breaking into 2006, promoting the 'Organic Hallucinosis' album recorded at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, saw the band teaming up with Hypocrisy , Soilent Green , Raging Speedhorn, Nile and With Passion for a North American tour commencing in early January. In mid February it was learned that bassist Martin had returned to the fold. US dates for September and October 2006 saw the band hooking up with Krisiun, Cattle Decapitation , Six Feet Under and Abysmal Dawn. The band united with headliners Fear Factory and Suffocation for further North American shows in November 2006.

Decapitated united with Nancy's Phazm for extensive European touring throughout February 2007. In May the group toured throughout Australia and New Zeeland supporting Nile. The band's next tour outing was to be the 'Summer Slaughter' trek across the USA throughout June and July, seeing Necrophagist headlining on a mammoth package billing with Beneath The Massacre, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, The Faceless, As Blood Runs Black, Arsis and Ion Dissonance.
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