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2014, July 27
www.kasperdam.com is now online!
Started a new band!! ////MULCH\\\\
biography I started off as a guitarist in a band called Soul Departure from 1996. Soon i began playing the drums and learned most of the tricks of the trade by watching other drummers play. Since the late 90's i started playing with three other dudes. Our goal was to make some serious loud rock! For our first gig we called our selves "The Homoos".That name helped us getting the attention we needed to start a good rep. After 2 years we changed it into "The Goods" for more commercial benefits.

In 2007 the band split up due different musical opinions and commercial goals.

In 2003 i started to play in "Big Spender" as a guitarist. This was a more experimental/fusion approach to music.

Later the name changed in "Fantastic Red" and after the former drummer Marc Koppen (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard) left the band, i filled that spot as drummer.. After almost 10 years, me and the bass player also left the band.

Together with that bass player (Marc Lemmen) and guitarist Francois Besson (Bang Bang Bazooka) i began playing drums with "The Cowgods". This ended in 2008.

With Floor Hofman i re-united in 2008 with the guitar and started co-writing. I switched occasionally from guitar to double bass depending what kind of arrangement was needed. Later drummer Jeroen van Neerven was added to the band (drummer of "Soul Departure"). A bit later also Marc Lemmen joined us to take over the double bass part.

After 2 years of succes Floor Hofman wanted to take a step back and we stopped playing.

In 2010 i replaced the former drummer of "Miners of Muzo".

Together with Marc Lemmen again and his brother Leo. For a while guitarist Wannes Rombouts (Straf) reinforced us but he left the band in 2013. We still play occasionally.

Spring 2013, me, Matthijs Snijders and Stijn Mertens started a band called "Mulch". They both played in "Flying Fortress". Summer 2014 we are ready to hit the road and start recording a album.

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