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* February 18, 1987
United States
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biography I started with a snare drum when I was 11 years old. My first set was a Mapex brand made for a Mars Music store. I played in various high school bands until I got my Tama Starclassic. From there I think my abilities began to grow faster, as I moved from the lesser bands, into better bands with more advanced musicians. Now I'm in college, trying to get a graphic design degree and keeping up with drums.

I owe my progression with drumming to my drum mentor, Dick Bonenfant. I started with rudiments on the snare drum, then used Ted Reed's book on syncopation to build coordination and technique. 2 or 3 years in, I progressed to Roy Burns' One Surface Learning, and learned the grassroots fundamentals of deconstructing beats in order to play them. After a few years of working with hand and drumset technique, I stepped up my coordination and began to learn Jazz and Latin rhythms. More recently I studied Gary Chaffee's linear drumming techniques and Charlie Wilcoxon's advanced finger technique.

I am studying the styles of a few drummers listed as my influences. The styles of Tomas Haake, Chad Sexton, and JF Richard are so interesting and appealing to me that I decided to take a large portion of my time and devote it to learning their playing techniques. I think my style, which some think is unique, is just in its beginnings and playing with and listening to different musicians will continue to help it grow.

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