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* May 27, 1978
United States
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biography I started playing at the age of 15, I really wanted to play guitar but found my fingers weren't for that instrument. My buddies and I wanted to start a metal band, we lived next to each other and decided, lets try this band thing, well like many, many people it didn't work out that way. We stayed good friends but never started a band. One day I was listening to the music that we were into and found that I liked the beat to those songs. I noticed that I understood what was going on, as far as the drumming was concerned. I started to air drum to songs, to quote an amazing and famous metal drummer Gene Hoglan I was the best air drummer in the world!!! I was kind of tripping out that I actually understood the fills and drumming that was involved in these songs. That's when I decided to ask my parents to pay for drum lesson. There was a place around town called John Waltrips Music, I don't mind writing their name since they are out of business. I went there and was excited that I'm actually going to get lesson on an instrument that I felt I was going to be good at I felt very confident. Well right off the first thing the instructor said when he met me was " Oh, you are a lot older that the kids I give lessons to." If that already wasn't discouraging enough, he had asked me to play something on his practice pad drum set to see where I was at, I never played on a set at all before, so I was kind of nervous for whatever reason, I gave it a go anyways after I played and showed hi, whatever coordination I had, he said "Well there's not much I can teach you I only teach beginners." I'm looking at him thinking WTF, I know I'm not that good, I only really started to take drums seriously for that summer. Long story short I think he just didn't want to teach me for whatever reason. The only thing that he did is give me probably the best book in my opinion, to learn stick control. Yes, George Stone's Book STICK CONTROL.... The single best book for beginners! Clarification, I had to pay for the book but my god was it worth the money! I learned the entire book that summer and basically just payed him to check out how far I got, needless to say I realized I didn't need this guy, I stopped going to him, but kept my Stick Control book close, I had that book until it fell apart! After I that summer is when I started playing in different local bands. Playing at that age with bands I believe is important,cutting your teeth early is the best way you can feel a bit more comfortable at gig's. I like all kinds of music, I started playing Metal, but expanded my focus to Rock and Jazz very quickly, as I had friends that were playing in that scene. I love playing music and can adapt very quick to various time signatures, I feel confident in my ability at gigs and love the experiences that I achieve. I play for the love but I'm always available for gig's, thanks.


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