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* May 18, 1969
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biography FRANCK MARCO Initiate with the battery as of the 6 years age by his uncle, it occurs trés early in various orchestras of variety while continuing his studies of trumpet and drum. At 17 years, it embraces the difficult career of professional musician following various meetings, of which Michel Stanziano, author of the work "the pedagogy of the pedagogues". Franck appears then on the regional, national scenes in various formations Jazz, Rock and Blues... Having a score of discs its credit of session-man has, it records with, amongst other things, Louis WINSBERG, on the album of the Gilles FOX Four-bit byte, Stocks, Linley MARTHE, Nicolas FOLMER, Andre JAUME, MERCY, Basile LEROUX, Nasturtium OLLIVIER, Sugar BLUE, Felton CREWS, etc. Franck divided the poster, in various formations, with: Robben FORD, ZZ SIGNAL, Toots THIELEMANS, Jacques DI DONATO, Lucky PETERSON, B.B.KING, Amos GARRET, Jimmy JONHSON, Jimmy CLIFF, etc. Beyond his activities of artist, Franck, in contract with the international marks TAMA (battery), MEINL (cymbals) and very recently Pro-Mark (rods, of which the Franck Marco signatures), continues teaching in the many ones, training courses, schools, residences like in his school RYTHMIK in Lille. He collaborates with the specialized magazines Batteur Magazine (book teaching) and Drums Method (Fan 2 Battery). He was requested for the Funk heading of new official method of the schools TAMA, Battery Generation, at carish editions, left October 2006. Its speciality being the New-Orleans rates/rhythms and ternary (jazz, funk, blues). Far from the conclusive stereotypes and plans, its principal influences turn initially worms of large guards of the groove, of different horizons, such as John VIDACOVITCH, Jim KELTNER, Kenny ARONOFF, Peter ERSKINE.

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