Phil Minal
* July 18, 1961
United Kingdom
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biography Born at an early age. I started playing drums aged 13, self-taught.. discovered Zappa aged 15 (Vinnie and Bozzio remain my heroes !) Played in lots of bands all kinds of styles all sorts of gigs. The usual stories of almost making it, getting stitched-up by managers and producers.

Bands of note were June de Cruze and The Catch and a cult Birmingham band called No Commercial Potential, a.k.a. NCP.

NCP eventually mutated into Swivel after some experimental sessions with Andi Rushton (keys and vox). An influx of technology in the shape of an Akai MPC2000 sampler was instrumental in helping to evolve the sound of the band. Building lots of rythmic textures and beats from the kit whilst keeping the real-time interaction with the other humans in a fluid state. Or something like that.

In parallel to this Funkpig was born kicking and squealing sometime near the turn of the century with virtuoso bass player Mark Hartley, playing improvised funk and jazz/funk.

In addition to many guest collaborators, Funkpig have now assimilated the very talented Johannes Norris-Brown on stunt guitar.

As well as Funkpig, I play with a gigging covers band called The Works and I recently joined Midlands rock band Soley Mourning who are currently working on their 5th album.

I have had my own recording studio, Hangar 18, at a secret location in Birmingham UK for the last 17 years, and recently started a YouTube channel (search for Phil Minal) where I post one drumming video (cover and originals) every week.

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