Sam Jakubec
* February 10, 1989
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Playing @ Wacken Open Air with Stortregn
Wacken Open Air
Playing @ MetalCamp 2012 with Hypocras
Tolmin Slovenia
biography Samuel Jakubec is 28 years old. He's a swiss drummer and percussionist for almost 20 years. He got his diploma from Geneva's Conservatory in early June 2006 and since this moment he did a lot of lives shows, tours, studios sessions and teaching. He currently plays technical death metal with the band Stortregn. He also have a lot of different jazz and funk projects as Swong, Lodd, Before Nothing 3io, Skywalkers, and more... He already recorded 10 full albums and played in more than 15 countries worldwide as Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Japan...
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