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* September 4, 1971
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biography Azeez Jean Rene

Drummer / Composer / Musical Director

Jean started his musical journey at the age of 4, playing for an audience of dolls and stuffed animals. After turning 8, he attended the musicschool in Rotterdam for two years after which he left for Suriname(South America)

During his high school years, Jean played with various popular top 40 bands like

Dostana Bros ,South South West.Nevertheless, his interests prompted him to join a salsa orchestra named The S.O.S. Band(SALSA ON SUNDAY).He also did cabaret productions such as Doe Theater with

the late Henk Tjon (RIP) and coproduced some Suripop songs ( Suriname )

After his return to Holland in 1994 Jean continued to play and practice. In 1996 he entered Amsterdam/Hilversum Conservatory (jazz/light music course).During this study he played with and supported various artists/bands like: Dignity,Palante, Deante, Fra Fra Sound, Michelle Storm David,Autumn Leaves, Bayb Jay,Sonny Boy (Sheldon Riser),Lejony,Ali-B , to name a few

In 1999 René coformed the R

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