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* February 1, 1989
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biography Hi everyone!

Well, I'm Jake. I've been a drummer for over 9 years, and have been playing in bands live since the age of 14. My first serious band was based out of Midland, Ontario, called X among Y. While performing with this alternative-rock group I had the pleasure of opening for such artists as Glass Tiger, Jakalope, Social Code, Die Mannequin, Ill Scarlet, The New Cities and various others. After dissolving this project in 2007, I moved in a more electronic direction and formed a new band called Techstasy, performing solo on all of the recordings and only backed up live. However, I desperately wanted to get back to my rock-drumming roots. So, I moved to Toronto in 2009, and auditioned for several bands before joining The Android Meme. After a mini-tour, the release of our debut video and album, we signed to Magna Carta Records in the United States. We are currently awaiting our album ORDO AB CHAO's official release in North America and Europe, and are in the planning stages of our first tour.

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