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* September 18, 1987
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biography - Born September 18th, 1987 in Targu Mures, Romania, from a university professor mother and a doctor father.

- Began studying drums and music at age 12, self-taught at the time, just by carefully listening and watching great drummers and listening to lots of music.

- Took private music theory lessons. Also learned classical percussion starting from 2004.

- Took some basic piano, coral voice and conducting lessons in 2008, as well as learning harmony.

- Joined the power-progressive band Celest in 2008, recorded the drum tracks for the 2010 album "Poligam" back in 2009.

- Joined alternative/funk rock band FusionCore in 2009.

- Joined technical death metal band Spectral from Bucharest in 2009, being involved in some of the writing process for the upcoming full length material.

- Joined death metal band Code Red in 2010, again being involved in the writing process of the songs for the upcoming album of the band.

-Joined melodic death/black metal badn Indian Fall in the fall of 2011.

-Joined electro band Aria Urbana in 2012.

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