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* December 19, 1980
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biography Born 19th of December in Aachen, Germany. Growing up in a musical family surrounded by percussion instruments, Markus got started playing the drums in the age of 8 years.

At 17 he recorded his first professional CD – Blue Moon, Alan Bound. In the next year he was invited to join the Christoph Spendel Group for a couple of gigs.

Within the following years Markus Berka studied music at the HkA in the Netherlands and got his lessons from René Creemers and Joop van Erven. During this time he got the chance to play with some of today’s finest jazz-musicians – Kenny Wheeler, Robin Eubanks, Ack van Rooyen, André Nendza and Christian Howes (Bill Evans Group). Beside these activities Markus Berka always focused his development in spreading out his musical background and putting himself in as many different musical Situations as possible. He worked a lot with large and small ensembles in the field of jazz, pop and rock music as well as in classical orchestra settings, when he played Willem Breukers Music-Theater Piece “Jona” or Big Band gigs featuring German pop icon Gitte Heanning. In the last years of his studies, as well as in the time after graduating, Markus was touring a lot witch brought him to many countries all over the World. Nowadays, between his touring, Markus gets more and more involved in the theatre and musical scene since he had his debut in that Genre when was playing “Sweet Charity” at Grenzland Theater Aachen in 2005.

Since Fall 2006 Markus is on touring with “Abba Mania” and since spring 2007 he’s the first Cast drummer of ‘Marilyn – Das Musical’. Just by the beginning of this year (2008) Markus started playing the Musical “Wicked” in Stuttgart. Since September 2008 Markus is principal Drummer/Perc. of the Musical “Sunset Boulevard” (biggest Tour Production in Holland).

In general Markus sees himself first as musician and on the second spot as a drummer. He likes to work in different musical genres. His ability to adapt himself to these different musical situations in unison with very good sense for sound and groove are his biggest features.

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