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* July 29, 1962
United States
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biography Mr. (Ric) Furley plays orchestral percussion for Mundi, drums for New Orleans transplants Sabbath Crow, Leticia Rodriguez, The Rusticators, and the Billy Eli band. He also makes guest appearances with Rick Hornyak, and house drummer and voice-over talent for Deceptive Sound. He started piano lessons at age 9 and drums at age 11. Mr. Furley maintains alumnus status with Austin firebrands Adrian and the Sickness, which resulted in the recording of the remarkable "Adrian for President" album. You can access that album at www.adrianrocks.com. He is a guest member of the Corpus Christi Symphony, where his mom is principal harpist, which gave him the opportunity to play timpani with The Electric Light Orchestra, open for Phyllis Diller, and also play big band drums with Sesame Street's Bob McGrath, as well as perform with David Amram and the late Sir Dudley Moore. He performs with his Mom and a Corpus Christi based jazz ensemble called "Touch of Class". He is also part of a project performing the musical compositions of G.I. Gurdjieff. In 2005 Mundi participated in a collaboration with Rumi translator/poet Coleman Barks and Austin musician Oliver Rajamani which is being aired regularly on Austin's public access channel. The event was filmed at Texas School for the Deaf on 4/29/05 by Texas Nafas, and there are some pretty cool pics at http://www.texasnafas.org/. Mundi has completed two tours of Spain, which was an extraordinary experience for all band members. There are details to be read by clicking the Mundi link from this page.

His previous projects included Scriveners, Trance Farmers, Heiroglyphics, Orangutango, Marty Sosby, The Purple Martins, Repo Man, John Cougar Rabinowitz, The Offended Homeless, Happy Valley, Chris Sears, Todd Rusch, The Horrors of Ivan, The BBC, The Skinny Jims, Rhoades D'Ablo and the Devil's Right Hand, and Dwarf Nebula.

Originally from Corpus Christi, his dad is the legendary broadcaster, and Guinness World Record holder Walter Furley of the CBS affiliate KZTV.

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