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* February 17, 1986
United Kingdom
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biography Hi, my name is Chris Tofts, i'm 20 years old and i come from a small village called Probus, near the city of Truro in Cornwall, England. I've now been playing drums for 15 years, i started playing my first kit which was a beat up old Pearl Forum when i was just 5. I'm self taught but after a few years had professional tutoring to brush up on my wider range, ie, latin and jazz. I play in a local band called Mechanical Swagger and we're a mix of Rock, Metal, Funk and Punk. We have a pretty good local following and have played gigs all over the county and a number outside too. We have 2 cd's recorded when we were a 4 piece, but after reforming to a 3 piece, we are currently working on a new 4 track E.P. I have a reputation in the county as one of the best drummers around which is something i cherish alot, music is my life and i love all things drums.




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