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ready to hit the stage with Catastrophic Melody for the 2014 Fall
done with rehearsals, now ready for our studio time :)
biography Ferny Flores hailing from Mexico, is mainly a metal drummer he currently plays for the American melodic metal band "Catastrophic Melody" (San Antonio, Tx.) and the Mexican Numetal band "The 90s" (Monclova, Coahuila Mx.)

His past credits include, live drums for Wayne Goodine, the Gospel and Choir arranger legend, the metalcore band Till The Hour, IBC chorale, and the Mexican Numetal band "Zona de Violencia"

with 21 years of drumming experience, he had the oportninty to tour the US , Mexico and Canada multiple times, and has recorded in Nashville (platinum lab), Canzion (Houston Tx).

proudly endorsed by Luxe energy drink

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Catastrophic Melody
The 90s
Till The Hour
zona de violencia
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