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* July 1, 1963
United Kingdom
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biography Mike began playing drums after seeing Cozy Powell on TV, a few years later he was playing in semi pro covers and originals bands in his native Manchester. Before leaving school he was recording with Arthur Kadmon from Ludus and he joined NWOBHM band Aragorn in 1980. Aragorn toured the UK including supports of Iron Maiden, Angelwitch, Saxon and others.

As well as extensive session work in Manchester, including The Distractions, George Clinton, Simply Red and many others, he toured Europe, completed sessions in Frankfurt in 1984/5, returned to the UK in 1987 where he sessioned and produced in Manchester and London and in 1988 endured a short stint with PJ Proby. Since then he has gigged regularly with many bands, pop, rock, big band, and free form jazz including supports of Wilko Johnson, Jah Wobble, Charles Hayward, Pete Doherty, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Lauren Harris, Sex Gang Children and many others.

His recent recording and production credits include various CDs with On The Run, No Leader, The Fat Boy 5, The Coming, Linchpin, Meggido, Snake Eyes, Avoidance of Doubt and he completed the Aragorn Anthology for Sanctuary Records in 2003. His live CV includes dates with On The Run, The Rascals, Glorious, Bridgefield, No Leader, The Coming, Sean Webster, Meggido, In Shadow, Planet of Women, Alike Cooper, Avoidance of Doubt and Binge Drinking.

Mike has also acted as drum tech for the UK's "Young Drummer of the Year Show" in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, Drummer Live, Rhythm Course, Club Antichrist and Dark Elf Event Services; for internationally acclaimed drummer/producer/composer and winner of Rhythm magazine's "Best Drummer 2007 Award"; Thomas Lang, drumming legends Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cobham as well as Craig Blundell, Benny Greb, Jerry Brown, Geoff Dugmore, Tim Brown, Chuck Sabo, Damon Wilson, James Hester, Chris Bell and Rob Stroud. Mike has also performed at drum clinics alongside Billy Cobham, Craig Blundell, Adrian Erlandsson, James Birt, Robin Guy and Dan Foord.

He also adopted the alter-ego of "MikeE" for cyber-dance-metal band; Avoidance of Doubt and has toured extensively since joining them in April 2005.

"Through My Eyes" was released in April 2006 and the new album "Blood on Your Hands" was released in May 2007.

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