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* March 13, 1978
United States
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biography Liz Holland is a classically trained percussionist with many academic percussive accolades under her belt. With over 17 years of performing experience, she is well respected among her peers as a powerful, technical player and a unique style of eclectic beats and driving rock-steady tempo. In addition to her drum set talents, she has also been a featured-soloist performing Nebojsa Zivkovic’s marimba solo, Uneven Souls, in 1999 with accompaniment from the University at Buffalo Percussion Ensemble. She is frequently sought after locally on recording projects and in orchestral settings, and has a small roster of students.

Over the years of her performing experience, she has shared the stage with Rasputina, The Butchies, Matt Pond PA, Jump Little Children, Q & Not U, and has been featured and reviewed in the pages of Drum! magazine.

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