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* July 30, 1956
New Zealand
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biography Hi there!

It is great to be part of DRUMMERSZONE.COM

I am actually a Dutch born, New Zealander and professional drummer and tutor.

Anyway...here is a quick look at where I am at today.

I live and work in Dunedin, New Zealand. I grew up here until I was 19 and then moved to Australia with infamous Dunedin band Mother Goose. In our career we recorded three albums, loads of singles, toured the States, Canada, Australia.

Since my return to New Zealand I have continued to work as a professional drummer. I also have the privilege of regularly playing with a wonderful assortment of great musicians, both locally and nationally. Aside from my family, music drives my soul.

These days my musical world is full of gigs, rehearsals and teaching drums. My regular gig is with the legendary New Zealand band the Oxo Cubans, a band that does everything from three piece jazzy blues to a full 15 piece R&B big band. We play all sorts of events/concerts and shows and I love the different lineups we put together depending on the nature of the gig. Consequently I get to play with a wide variety of great musicians. I am also hired for all sorts of other shows, either as a backing drummer or as part of a variety of different shows including theatre. Playing with the Oxo Cubans, X- Factor and Dunedin rock band Argus, as well as playing drums on three albums has kept me very busy so far this year, but I love it.

I also have my own drum tuition studio in Dunedin called the Drum Studio and I also tutor at Otago University at The Contemporary Music course, which I'm really enjoying.

To find out more about me or my work, vist my website and don't forget to send me an email!

Cheers, Marcel

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