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* October 28, 1981
United States
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biography I have played the drums since the sixth grade(94). My friend wanted to start a band and I didn't have money to buy a guitar so I played the drums his dad had in his basement (a snare,kick drum,crash, and hi hat). His dad showed me a basic beat and after that I was on my own. It goes without saying that I have picked up tips from other drummers, but I've learned on my own mostly. I am curently in UNUNBIUN(un un bee un), a heavy metal 5 piece from St.Louis MO. We have one full length album under our belts,and are preparing for the studio to record our second. We will tour in support of it after completing it,as we did with the first record. My major influences are Bill Ward, Dave Grohl, Vinnie Paul, Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Chris Adler, and most recently Richard Christy. I play Pearl drums and hardware, Sabian cymbals, Remo Heads, and Vic Firth sticks. I also park my ass on a pork pie throne but I guess thats not that important.
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