UFIP boasts a tradition of Italian cymbal craftsmanship that dates back through generations, and they are proud to be a small, but exclusive cymbal manufacturer. Their goal is to create only the finest bronze musical instruments, and they lay great value in their commitment to achieve quality over quantity.

Cymbals made at the UFIP foundry are not mass produced - they rely on individual hand skills and a process called EARCREATED, a term that underlies the fact that the human ear plays a decisive role in the making of UFIP cymbals. As the human ear is the ultimate instrument of measure when a cymbal is played, it should also be theprincipal instrument of measure when it is being made.

Therefore, each UFIP cymbal is individually created by the experienced and dedicated hands and ears of master craftsmen who listens to the cymbal at every stage of development, and guides the cymbal to its own tonal destiny. UFIP cymbalsare completely unique giving every drummer the ability to select a cymbal set-up that is as distinctive as his or her own style.