Anatolian cymbals are the continuation of the turkish cymbal tradition, a tradition which dates back to the 17th century. In 1975, temel tamdeger started working with mikhael zilcan as a student. And learned the art of cymbal making. After 20 years of experience, having acquired a real mastery in this art, temel tamdeger decided to produce his own cymbals and founded his own company in 1999, under the name of anatolian cymbals. Anatolian cymbals are casted in discs and shaped by melting copper and other additional materials. After being heated they are given shape by hammering, and then they are embroidered. These completely handmade cymbals undergo some elaborate tests before distribution. Hence, an excellent sound quality which satisfies the need of all kinds of drummers. Representing a tradition of three hundred years, anatolian cymbals thus embody both the experience and the advance.
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