Dynacord’s history of origins and development is by nature inseparably connected to the development of the music market in the Federal Republic of Germany after World War II. On one hand, the company’s history impressively reflects the development of international as well as German musical trends and styles. On the other hand, it also reflects the technical development in “orchestral electronics” and “electro acoustics”, which includes the production of electronic musical instruments plus the therefore needed transmission, reproduction and amplification devices. The development of Dynacord was equally connected to the availability of appropriate and affordable parts, especially semiconductors. Of course, the feasible industrial use of particular technologies was of major importance, if not most important at all.
With the swinging 1950’s, when dance hall tunes and light entertainment music were played again in the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany, because the people had been longing for distraction from the sorrows and the misery of the past war, the terms “orchestral electronics” and “electro acoustics” gained more and more significance. Very soon after 1945 the guitar had become increasingly popular and has started its unstoppable triumphal procession as a musical instrument. Other musical instruments – like for instance the accordion, which had played a leading role when waltz and tango were the foremost musical styles – lost their dominant position in contemporary music to the guitar. Consequently, the desire for suitable amplification equipment to provide the guitar with the acoustic volume and the ability to assert itself over a group of instruments was only natural.

The founder of the company, Engineer Werner Pinternagel, was born in 1913 in the Thuringian town of Jena. He studied in Jena and was asked by colleagues of his professors to join the OKH in Berlin as designing engineer. It had been here that he developed remotely controlled tanks and sea crafts, which he was awarded for. After being a prisoner of war, Werner Pinternagel returned to Germany at the age of 33 and began to work for a handicraft workshop in Landau/Bavaria repairing damaged radio receivers. At the same time, he wrote technical and construction manuals for his own designs of technical testing equipment.

The first two syllables “dyna” of the brand name Dynacord were meant as a synonym for the dynamic commitment of the company founder, Engineer Werner Pinternagel, and his employees. The third syllable “cord” stands for the link between products manufactured by Dynacord to music itself and to the amateurs and professionals making music.

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