Firchie drums
founded: 1983
United States
Quick Perfect Tuning. Free Worldwide Shipping. See Demonstration Videos.

It takes about fifteen minutes to properly tune a drum. Itís not only time consuming, it actually hampers ones creative ability and concentration needed for playing.

No more nightmares during live performance, no more wasted hours in the studio while looking for that perfect pitch. Truly a drummers dream, getting the most out of your creativity.

Unlike other musicians, who basically just sit and play, drummers have to be very concerned with tuning. Unfortunately, many beginners give up due to frustration, as the act of tuning is quite difficult to achieve. A poorly tuned drum has a terrible sound. The Firchie design allows a drummer to tune both heads simultaneously, moving the focus away from tedious tuning right back to playing.
The Firchie drum has many tones. Far more than any other drum. You can simply mark the drumhead with a magic marker once you find the sound youíve been looking for. For a deep rock sound or a high funky sound, just turn the drum to the marked setting. By turning it to that exact setting, the drum will tune the same each and every time.

Itís a loud snare. Possibly the loudest ever. The snare has a lot of "ringĒ so if you play loud youíll have the loudest sound you can possibly achieve. If you donít want that much volume, just donít play as hard. If you want that room-filling sound though, this snare is very responsive and will match how you play.

It also preserves drumheads. On other drums, heads suffer from material fatigue even when youíre not playing. By de-tuning, youíll allow the heads much relief. Turn the Firchie drum counter-clockwise and extend the life of your drumheads.
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