Murat Diril
founded: 2008
Murat Diril was born in 1974 in a small town on the Black Sea coast near Trabizone where the very first hand made Turkish cymbal was ever made. He lived there until his parents moved to Ystanbul in 1987 where he first witnessed the creation of a cymbal at the work place of Ystanbul Cymbals.

Murat Diril started working for and learned a lot from Mehmet Tamde?er and Agop Tomurcuk, owners of Ystanbul Cymbals. These two super craftsmen taught him the secrets of making good quality cymbals which later became very much in demand around the world. Murat was enjoying himself there very much and, at the same time, trying to find out ways and means to improve the quality of B20 material.

This has become a dream and a passion for him but he also knew that it was quite impossible for him to make this dream come true there where he was working.

That is why Murat Diril decided to leave Istanbul Cymbals to set up his own company. In 2000 he met the people from Meinl, one of the leading cymbal manufacturers in the world. Working together they started to explore the possibilities of creating new cymbals from B20 material.

At the end of these mutual efforts, Meinl's Byzance and MB20 cymbals were born. They worked together for 6 years and Murat made more than 100,000 Byzance and MB20 cymbals for hundreds of musicians, drummers and bands around the world, who played them with great pleasure

As a devoted believer, Murat Diril thinks destiny plays an important role in his life. This time destiny led him to another world famous cymbal manufacturer. The Paiste company and Murat Mzik joined forces in the second quarter of 2006 to introduce a series of new cymbals to the world.

Murat was so excited with this new friendship and quickly became a craftsman generating Paiste's new creations. The new series designed by the Paiste company was called '20 Series' and Murat has manufactured them in Samsun/Turkey for almost two years.

Reactions from every corner of the music world came quickly as drummers found every thing they wanted in these cymbals. The compliments were pouring in. The NAMM show in 2007 was the birth place of the series.

Murat Diril has decided to come to the market with his own cymbal with his own trade mark. These cymbals are the results of 22 years of professional hard work and sweat and will be called 'Murat Diril Cymbals The Renaissance Series'. These hand made cymbals are the most developed form of B20 metal.
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